The Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing

The Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing

The two most discussed technologies that being similar are yet very different.

The Emergence of the new technical words like Artificial General Intelligence, Augmented Data Discovery or Synthetic Intelligence, has only added on the confusion of differentiating between AI and Cognitive Computing. When it comes to practical application both AI and Cognitive Computing are two different game players.

The AI and the protocol it follows –

Artificial Intelligence traditionally defined as Natural Intelligence of Humans used by machines to perform any action. Here the machine perceives the situation or a problem and then decides a solution and a time for action, It’s also projected that AI will someday surpass human agility and accuracy. An AI can be said to be an umbrella under which these technologies are sub fields which includes cognitive computing.

Cognitive Computing – 

Cognitive Computing is quite in sync with human cognition and helps in making decisions in complex situation. It just doesn’t deal with pure data or sensors but with symbolic and conceptual information too. Though Humans remain firmly in charge of making final decision.

How AI and Cognitive Computing work –

Artificial Intelligence has become like an enabler of other technologies. Things like Big Data, unstructured data and digital transformation and most sought after are the chat bots or virtual personal assistance and smart advisors.

Whereas Cognitive computing acting as third platform is transforming business to greater heights. It Utilizes diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytical tools and observes and offers insights to how to perform an action.

Thus, both AI and Cognitive Computing remain almost similar in what they do but they differ in how they interact with humans. With time they both will see an upsurge in their demand.

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